Daily Hardcore Ramblings 10/22/13

Good morning. I’m finally back home, and got some much needed rest. I had a hell of a weekend. I wrestled Sonjay Dutt Friday night for RPWF in Eastern, PA. I forgot how amazing he is in the ring. We had an awesome match. Great way to start my weekend. Then Saturday I wrestled Matt Striker for NYWC in Deer Park, NY. That match was a bit different from a usual match. It was a “Pure” wrestling match. No hitting the ropes, no punches, just old school wrestling. Well the match was fine. I beat Matt with a backslide, match over. Then he was supposed to beat me down. Instead when I turned around I got a chair to the face that I wasn’t expecting. Needless to say, I got busted open hard way, bad. My whole head, and upper body was covered in my own blood. It looked like I was in a horror movie. Well when I went to the back I was a little annoyed, and it didn’t help that Matt was right there already starting to talk shit to the promoter. I’m not mad at getting hit. I’m mad at the way he is manipulating things in the locker room, and to the NYWC officals. When he started to say he was sorry, I felt more anger, and basically told him to fuck off. He kept taking shit, and then the boys got in the middle, and I walked away. I have no idea what he’s trying to accomplish with this, but Matt if something  like this ever happens again, I WILL KILL YOU. I just want you to remember, we are “working” each other again very soon. I’m really looking forward to that match. Well that’s it. I will not discuss it again. I’m super busy today. I have to watch Raw, and do my Justin Credible report today. I will be back tomorrow. Live with Passion. Own your Life.

-Justin Credible


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